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Counseling & Support

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Why should I go to counseling?

One of the greatest sources of power is knowing who you are, individually, and collectively in relationship with others and your environment. Individual counseling is the process of gaining a deeper understanding of why we do what we do and dismantling the power that disappointment, fear, and trauma can have over who we believe ourselves to be.


Why Relationship Therapy?

Couples who experience unhealthy behaviors or 'red flags' in their relationships are affected by both individual and collective trauma. Relationship therapy provides an opportunity to foster a healthier connection between the inner being and the political, religious, and social environments that influence the personal experience called relationship.

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What is Family Therapy?

A family is a system of interactions that embody relationships  the members of the family have with one another and their environment. When a trauma affects a member of the family or is experienced by the entire unit, conflict can develop. Family therapy presents an opportunity for the family to process what relationships were broken because of the trauma and how they can heal individually and collectively.

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