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jamii- Swahili term that means 'community, group of people sharing a common understanding'. jamii counseling & consulting partners with individuals seeking to create synergy between themselves and the context in which they exist. 

My Background

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As a clinical license social worker and research psychologist I have over 20 years’ of  experience conducting research that includes examining child sexual abuse prevention, the intersection of HIV, Substance use and Domestic violence, and the prevalence of interpersonal violence on college campuses.  My research interest is examining the relationship between intimate partner violence and traumatic brain injury, and how these facets of trauma affect women's mental health. My training and therapeutic approach  is guided by my Christian faith, frame in an African-Centered approach, and inclusive of trauma-informed strategies. My research and practice experience has blessed me with the insight to frame healthy relationships from an evidence-based and trauma-informed approach.

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